Sunday, March 13, 2011

SaDae 8mths

My lil girl is now a crawling moving baby. I was curious if she was gunna skip this phase and go straight to walking, but she does crawl, over to things to stand up ha. I love her and we have so much fun watching her learn new things everyday. Her and Degan already fight over toys she gets him in trouble by exaggerating things and he pesters her. But they LOVE each other and in the mornings when they wake up its like love at first sight every morning. Degan will kiss her and say "she's awake" and then give her a kiss. SaDae smiles SO huge.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas and anything inbetween

My Computer is being gay so these pictures are all out of order.. but oh well..

Christmas was fun this year with 2 kids.. Degan wasn't too sure about Santa Claus but he did understand presents so we bribed him with those for 2 weeks, but it doesn't help his birthday is a week before so he got a present almost everyday for 2 weeks that kid is spoiled and has so many toys.

He is getting better about sharing he doesn't let SaDae have any toy , but he will give her one he doesn't want at that time. He loves his sister and now that she can sit up they play alittle on the floor together.His birthday party was fun we went to fUnTiMe Inflatables, and a few friends came we let the kids play. The afternoon he got a lil sick so he didn't enjoy it as much as he could of but he still had fun.
SaDae now 6mths is just growing up so fast and I hate it. She is definetly a girl if she doesn't like something she will let you know, but she is pretty easy going, unless she isn't but she is a lover and likes to cuddle. She loves to watch her brother dance and move she just giggles and sometimes for no apparent reason at all.
We have had a REALLY busy 2 months. Grams had to have open heart surgery to replace a her mitravalve, and so we were in the hospital with that, and then the week after she got home from the hospital , my mom had rotary cuff surgery. So then I was helping take care of them, and if not down in STG I was up here working. Brett was my saving grace he handled the kids for almost 2 weeks by himself with me peeking in every now and again. I love him and so THANKFUL for all he does, i know he sometimes feels neglected.
WE all hope and pray for a good 2011 and that no more hospitals or surgeries and everything gets better.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Travels

This fall started out crazy and hopefully it is over with.
Family pics before the leaves all fell.

The kids and I went to Texas for 4 days with my mom and grandma for a cousins wedding. We flew and it was so fun. It wasn't much of a vacation but we had good times and the kids enjoyed meeting their relatives for the first time. They got married at this Windmill museum so there were windmills from all over and from so many different time periods.

Then it was halloween and im not a very good mother, Rachel took all the pics so I only have like 2 .. :( Degan was a tiger and SaDae was a kitty. They both didn't mind their costumes, which was nice. Degan never did say trick or treat but he sure knows how to say "candy".

Then last weekend Brett and I am some friends went to Cali for a wedding. It was a quick trip but we had a great time and got to sleep in and with no kids in my bed and not have to worry about diapers or nap time, it sure was nice. I did miss the kids but we all got a well deserved break.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summer has past

This summer was a really busy one for us. Our precious SaDae joined our family and Brett was busy working with fire and Degan.. well he is ALWAYS busy. We really haven't gone many places other than StG. Our travels begin in late october, so excited.
Degan will be 2 in December and he acts like he is 10 he thinks he knows how to do everything including hold and carry his lil sister. He learns new tricks and things every day. His newest is pushing his trucks up to the fridge to get a drink and drowing himself and the floor in the process.
SaDae is getting so big so fast, she has rolled over and loves to kick on the floor while watching football (with mommy). She is so happy smiles at just about anyone she is almost always happy except when she is mad there really isn't a middle ground with her. She continues to be a good sleeper usually sleeps from 10 to 7 and eats and goes right back down. I am so blessed with her. It will be really soon when she is chasing Degan and causing extra mischief.